Transitioning from Insurance-only to Managed Money can be challenging. That is why Wealth Watch Advisors has created our exclusive 65 FAST PASS program.



Wealth Watch has partnered with The Securities Institute to make sure you are ready to pass your exam! Our Series 65 study package is by far the most popular and proven to produce 90% pass rates.


With the best rated study material that will guide you through the entire exam prep process, you’re ensured to pass with our comprehensive training materials.

Being a true “Fiduciary” has never carried as much weight in our industry, as it does today.  Consumers are very aware of the terminology and have been conditioned to ask about it with agents/advisors.  They’ve even been warned NOT TO work with someone who doesn’t carry the title. Obtaining your Series 65 license makes you a fiduciary and eliminates potential obstacles for savvy clients.

Series 65

At a Glance

Obtaining your 65 license will allow you to confidently explain to your clients what it means to act in a Fiduciary capacity.  It will also allow you to begin building a residual stream of monthly income and a business with substantial equity and value.

Most importantly, a 65 license allows you to provide a comprehensive plan for your clients, a plan that incorporates managed funds with traditional insurance solutions.  We believe this approach offers the best potential outcomes for most clients.

The series 65 exam is administered by the North American Securities Administrators Association and designed to test a candidate’s proficiency in the knowledge and skills required to act as an investment advisor representative.

Passing the series 65 exam allows you to participate in the advisory fees charged to clients by an investment advisor. As more and more clients shift away from the commission based brokerage accounts and opt to have their money managed by professional money managers, becoming a investment advisor representative provides unlimited income potential.

Purchase your Series 65 Fast Pass here. In order to register for the series 65 exam, you must fill out and submit form U4Wealth Watch will provide you with the forms and submit them on your behalf. Filling out the paperwork fully and completely is important to ensure that you are able to schedule your test without delay.

Important things to consider when submitting your paperwork are to ensure that there are no gaps in your employment or work history and that all questions are answered completely and truthfully. If you experienced a gap in employment, simply fill out that time as “looking for work” or unemployed.

Once submitted and accepted you will have a test window opened for you providing you with 120 days to take your exam. Candidates who do not pass the exam must wait 30 days prior to retaking the test. Any candidate who is unsuccessful after 3 attempts will have to wait 6 months prior to retesting.   

designed to ensure


All of our learning tools are designed to work together. Every chapter in our book has accompanying video training that provides you with more details on what you have read. Our customizable study calendar will guide you through the entire study process and assign all of  your learning right up to your test date.

Comprehensive 65 license study program with a 90% PASS RATE through The Securities Institute of America

Utilize our staff CFP’s & CPA’s to add credibility with clients

Support team will run Risk Assessment reports, Proposals, and Portfolio Analysis reviews

Dedicated “in-house” advisors to assist you and your clients with managed solutions TODAY

• Engage our in-house advisors to begin moving your clients’ assets even while studying for the exam

• Once you’ve obtained your 65 license, registered and trained with Wealth Watch Advisors, this book of business will transfer to you*

There are a few criteria that need to be met to participate in the program.
Agents will be given 9 months to obtain their 65 license in order to maintain their book of business.

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Locate A Test Center

The series 65 exam may be taken at any Prometrics test center on any day the center is open. Prometric has centers throughout the country. Find the nearest center in your area.